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My Personal Story & Life Saving Tips

Seventeen years ago, I received a call that would change my life forever. At the time I was the typical 18 years old, invincible in my mind and full of plans for my future. The call delivered a diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Because of the disease, my kidneys were injured to the possibility of needing dialysis in the future. How soon or when, nobody knew. The years that followed were difficult-filled with moments of uncertainty and pain. As my body continued to fight, I was faced with endless hospital admissions, exposure to prescription drugs that created irreversible side effects, and the constant postponing of important life goals such as completing my education. I began to perceive that my body was against me and lost faith and trust in myself. (Notice that I said perceive). The doctors projected that I would have to be on prescription medicine for the rest of my life, and very possibly dialysis to help me
live. Some of those prescription drugs would include anything from chemotherapy to blood thinners. This was the reality that had been created for me, but I had a different plan. (I’m kind of grateful now for that determined 18-year-old brain) My plan was to live! To fight for my life!

And so the journey began…I searched and invested time and money in everything I could get my hands on that would support my healing and wellness; from reading books to attempts at alternative methods. Making these investments in myself were a particularly healing part of the process. The investments made me feel more valuable and fueled my fire to recover. I innately knew there had to be more than a life of fear and hospital admissions.

I learned about the effects of stress management; the importance of nutrition, personal boundaries, and rest; knowledge of my own anatomy; and how thoughts affected my recovery. I also learned how to keep my immune system calm and how to love every cell of my body even when I felt as though they were turning against me.

Little by little, changes began to take place in my health. As my body stabilized, my kidneys maintained normal function and my autoimmune friend did not affect any other organs. It is important for me to mention that this did not happen overnight. I took many steps backwards as well as forwards, but most importantly I continued the process. When I took those steps backwards, I made sure I learned from the experience. There were times when I wanted to throw the towel in, but that is when my internal and external support systems would kick in.

Seventeen years of personal experience with traditional and holistic medicine has brought me to the conclusion that autoimmune disorders are particularly complex illnesses needing various possible interventions; holistic and medical. I also believe that we are spiritual beings therefore we have an exceptional self-healing power that naturally resides within us. If we begin listening and paying close attention to our bodies, minds and spirits we can then transform ourselves, health included. I know we are powerful beyond measure. It is our lack of education, support, and motivation that dulls that power.

Wellness is an ongoing process. Every day we make decisions that support or endanger our wellness. There are endless decisions that I have made and lead me to wellness, but I am never finished. I don’t arrive. I am on a journey. I have created a life full of vibrancy, health, faith and hope. Lupus has become the best thing that ever happened to me because it’s my guru teacher, my friend, and my gentle guidance that reminds me how valuable I am on a daily basis. If you are ready to fight for your life, I am ready to walk with you in the journey. I will help you establish a plan of action to better manage your chronic condition by enhancing your healthy lifestyle habits. It will be my honor to educate, encourage and empower you.

My ongoing life saving tips:

(My list grows daily, create your own list!)

  • I decided to live my life, and not let test results or doctor’s opinions rule my feelings and shatter my faith or hopes.
  • I decided to learn how to take care of and adore myself.
  • I decided to embrace Lupus instead of pushing it away.
  • I became my own personal health advocate, which meant I questioned doctors, holistic helpers, authors, and anyone participating in my recovery.
  • I began trusting my intuition regarding medical decisions.
  • I stopped feeling sorry for myself or asking God “Why me?”
  • I changed the perception of my illness, from a negative to positive.
  • I began to figure out the benefits of this life experience and how was I improving as a person by having to face the difficulty of an autoimmune disorder.
  • I began to access my personal healing power (It’s different for everyone, you have it too!).
  • I learned that I couldn’t afford to allow negative thoughts or people inside my heart and life.
  • I learned how to empower myself on a daily basis by shaking off the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that so often accompany a chronic disorder. I infused my daily life with Gratitude & surrounded myself with positive beings, thoughts and things.
  • I learned the best eating practices for me.
  • I accepted that exercise is not optional.