Posted on May 23, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorized
Epigenetics is a new science that seeks to explore how lifestyle choices can affect our DNA. Scientists are finding that our genome (the full genetic make up of an individual) is constantly responding to our life choices such as diet, stress and sleep patterns. This is great news! This means that our choices, regardless of our predisposition to disease can change the course of our lives as it relates to health.
Here are 2 simple ways to support your genome: 
#1- EAT real food with the least amount of toxic chemicals. Make sure that you are reading labels to see what ingredients are in the foods that you are purchasing. The common sense message here is “If you don’t recognize an ingredient, your immune system won’t either.” Purchase foods with the least amount of ingredients and make sure that you recognize each ingredient on the label.
#2- MOVE your body every day for 30 minutes, and select an activity that you will look forward to practicing. Some of the benefits of exercise include reduction of inflammation, improved mood, weight loss, strong bones & muscles and greater cardiovascular health. If 30 minutes is not realistic for your schedule, break the time into shorter increments.