Faith Williams

I was introduced to Lorena, through a close friend. Lorena and I communicated through social media for about a year. I was inspired by her experiences and knowledge. I knew that she would be the perfect coach for me because of her passion towards her work and because she is a lupus survivor, herself. I believe that God sent her to me to help me.
Having Lorena as my wellness coach has given me confidence in taking a different approach. Her coaching is wholistic. I never feel like she is telling me what to do. I feel that she takes the time to listen. She helps me to see, for myself, the things that I need to do. She helps me to look at challenges in a positive light; to observe and to reflect without putting myself down. I love that about her. I’m no longer in denial about lupus. My family has always been a strong support system, but, the system is stronger because I feel more comfortable communicating. I’ve learned that I’m not alone in this. I like to think that my body is delicate, rather than it is fighting me. My body is communicating with me, everyday, and I must listen. My coach helps me to evaluate my whole self and I have learned that my attitude must proceed whatever I am implementing on a physical level. I must have the right mindset to face physical challenges and training. I have learned relaxation techniques that are essential to my daily well being and I, really, am what I eat! This is a journey and this journey is my will to live. Having a coach, for me, has been a life changing blessing.