Mara Glazer.

Mara Glazer

I originally hired Lorena for private yoga coaching because I was looking for a solution to strengthen my body post spine surgery that I could do without causing injuries or pain to my back. I always wanted to try yoga because it’s great for strengthening, but I was afraid to sign up for a group class at one of the local gyms because I wouldn’t know how to modify the poses so I didn’t hurt myself. So when I found Lorena and discovered she offered guided and personalized instruction, and she could modify the routine just for me, I was ecstatic and signed up to work with her as fast as I could. I love my sessions with Lorena because not only do I get a great strengthening workout, but I leave feeling so relaxed yet also energized at the same time. Being a busy entrepreneur takes a lot of my energy so I love that I can go to my sessions with Lorena and just have “me” time away from all the stress of work. I must admit that I look forward to our sessions together (and that’s coming from someone who hates working out)!”