Melissa H. Gray, LCSW.

Melissa H. Gray, LCSW

I reached out to Lorena concerning my inconsistent ability to release wastes from my body.  As I reviewed her website I was struck by her story….honest, heartfelt, riveting, transformative. Lorena’s exceptional coaching techniques confirmed that one must take a holistic approach to health and healing. Lorena introduced me to a healthy diet by encouraging me to eliminate “habit forming foods” (quick and easy-processed) and replacing them with foods that cleanse and purify the body. She also provided insight highlighting the unbinding connection between the mind, body and spirit. It did not take much for me to take action. As a result, I feel healthier than ever before. What is most unique about Lorena’s coaching style is that she does not attempt to tell you what you must do. Instead, Lorena provides options and allows you to discover what works best for you.