Monica Newland

All my life I have practiced some kind of body training – Ballet, Pilates, and even Yoga – so when I met Lorena for my one on one Yoga class, I expected to do a routine of poses and nothing more. However, it was more than that. All these years, I have been practicing these poses thinking that I got them right because none of my prior instructors told me otherwise. Well it turns out that I was missing out on some of the benefits these poses can provide just because I did not know some of the details of certain poses. It was until this class, that I finally understood with precision what I was supposed to be doing. This made such a great difference, and I felt great after the class. I have known Lorena for several years now, and have always been impressed by her determination, drive, and great attitude towards life. She loves what she does, and it shows in her classes and everything else she does. I highly recommend her Yoga class because it will make your body, mind, and spirit feel good!