Health coaching, also referred to as wellness coaching, is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging a client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action.
Health coaching is a partnership between the client and coach. A health coach provides you with an assessment to learn about your history, background, listens to understand life challenges and expectations concerning your vision for optimum well-being. Then, they formulate a personalized plan that guides you step by step towards healthier lifestyle habits. Working with a health coach creates a system of accountability significantly increasing your chances for success.
Changing behaviors can be challenging and that’s where a health coach can help! Numerous studies have demonstrated that people increase their success rates when they enlist support to attain their health goals. Working with someone who can give you objective support is an essential part of reaching your desired wellness goals.
Some of the results you can expect from working with a heath coach are decrease in inflammation, gaining an improved understanding of your symptoms and what do to decrease or manage them, decrease in headaches, decrease in pain, weight loss, increased energy, increased confidence, improvements in diet, improved ability to handle stress, improved mood, decrease in sugar cravings, greater awareness pertaining healthy food selection, decrease changes of relapsing from your chronic health condition, increase set of skills for living with your chronic condition, identification of potential food allergies, overall sense of balance, decrease in anxiety, improved sleep, improvement in your relationship to food, you may feel more calm, peaceful and relaxed, you may gain a greater sense of clarity and life focus, improvements in your skin, improved financial stability, ability to take care of you; mind, body and spirit. We believe that this is your personal journey, we provide the map. You will get as much out of your health coaching partnership as you put in. Your health coach will serve as guide, support and ongoing accountability, however you must take action to reach your wellness goals and communicate any challenges that you are facing to your coach.
Our lead coach not only has over 12 years of experience working with individuals to evoke change, but she has 18 years of personal experience living with a chronic health condition. The well- balanced combination of knowledge and life experience affords our lead wellness coach unique insights into understanding the clients; which in turn produces greater results.
Utopia Wellness believes in taking into account the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of their lifestyle. We have observed significant improvement in clients as a direct result of the implementation of consistent lifestyle changes such as exercise, nutrition, stress management and healthy human interaction. Some clients have been able to reduce their medications, however we NEVER encourage a client to reduce or come off of their medications without guidance from their physician. Health coaching is NOT medical treatment; therefore anything related to changes in your medical care should be discussed with your physician.
We are currently partnering up with Blue Cross & Blue Shield for their Healthways discounted rates program.
Yes, we follow the guidelines of HIPAA in the protection of client’s information.
Yes, you can pay for one of the wellness packages and include the a la carte services. Your wellness coach will give you suggestions that they believe will support you in your goals.
Sessions available via phone, skype, tango, or in-person.
Yes, we work with people all over the United States and plan on extending our services worldwide in the near future.
Call 443-280-2420 or e-mail llues@utopia-wellness.com and you will be given an initial appointment for a strategy session.