Wellness a la carte.

Utopia Wellness Yoga

One on one goal review support sessions (30-60 min.) $30/$65-In these sessions we identify and create wellness strategies. We discuss possible barriers and challenges, problem solve them and send you off with practical action steps.

Wellness Consultation (60 min.) $65-The goal of this session is to discuss, trouble shoot and create an action plan for a specific wellness challenge that you require assistance with.

Grocery store nutrition tours (1.5 hrs) $85-This tour will teach you how to wisely navigate grocery store aisles, read labels and interpret product claims so that you feel confident about shopping for foods that support your health. Tour can also be tailored to selecting foods which support your diagnosis. 

Pantry make over (1.5 hrs) $85-Home kitchen visit for assessment of current nutritional practices, pantry organization and recommendations for healthier options.

Home visit for nutritional cooking support (2 hrs) $155-Alternative food preparation demonstration with methods for retaining nutrients, cooking short-cuts, appliance and cookware education, and individualized recipe binder.

Personalized cooking services (hours may vary)-You can choose your plan and Utopia Wellness will provide meals custom tailored for it, best of all portion control can be built in if you are trying to reach a healthier weight. As always, everything is customized so that you can enjoy the foods that you love without compromising your health.

Juicing session (60 min.) $65-Learn the specific healing properties of juiced fruits and vegetables. Create recipes to address specific health concerns and identify the benefits of juicing as well as pros and cons to consider when purchasing your own juicer.

Stress management to go (1.5hrs) $85-Designed to teach individuals how to cope more effectively with everyday stressful situations. This session helps you understand the stress mind-body connection; learn various breathing techniques for practical application, and the use of positive perception to increase health. 

Mini stress sessions (15 min.) $15Increase your brain’s productivity by trying Utopia Wellness’ guided meditation and breathing. Start your morning feeling calm & centered instead of rushed or irritable. The simple practice of breathing and meditation can help you feel focused and clear as you swing into action to meet the challenges of the day.