Utopia Wellness Yoga

Yoga, the Utopia way
Utopia Wellness believes in creating a healing environment where human individualization is respected, honored and promoted. Furthermore, we provide a nurturing atmosphere where self-love is the highest priority. We vow to maintain these core values by focusing on providing quality care and services.

  • Small group classes
  • Private classes
  • Yoga for Stress management , Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune disorders

All private Yoga packages include 

  • Individualized yoga practice
  • Individualized pranayama practice
  • Take home wellness plan

1hr private sessions $85

Yoga Packages

2 session, $159

4 session, $299

8 session, $559

*Pranayama: Breathing practices that can support healing & relaxation processes in the body, mind and spirit.

*Press points: Technique which aid in attuning your body; assuring correct physical alignment; and maximum flexibility. By using press points you allow your body to go to its natural limit in a safe, supported and relaxed way.

The Utopia Wellness Studio is located in Towson, Maryland
In home visits available